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2003 Conference Presentations & Abstracts

(Presentation titles are in alphabetical order.)


"Biological Programming Models for Intrusion-Tolerant Systems" David Evans (Abstract)

"Decision Trees for Server Flow Authentication" JamesP. Early and Carla E. Brodley (PPT) (PDF)

"Designing Visualization Tools for Network Intrusion Detection" Bill Vitucci(Abstract)

"Detecting Flood-based Denial-of-Service Attacks with SNMP RMON*" William Streilein, David Fried, and Robert Cunningham (PDF)

"Detecting Novel Network Intrusions in Audit Data"Ningning Wu, Jing Zhang (Abstract)

"Domain Analysis of Intrusion Detection Researchers at the Workshop: Interviews" Stefano Foresti and Jim Agutter (Abstract)

"Entropy Characteristics of Propagating Internet Phenomena" Al Valdes (PPT)

"Evolutionary Graphics and Recursive Algorithms for Streaming Data" Edward J. Wegman(PDF)

Explanation and Sign-up" Stefano Foresti and Jim Agutter(Abstract)

"Fast Class Partitioning For Large Social Networks" Salvatore Babones(PDF)

"Fuzzy Gravitational Clustering for Intrusion Detection" Jonatan Gomez and Dipankar Dasgupta(Abstract)


"Graph Theoretic Methods for Profiling Users by Their Network Activity" David Marchette(Abstract)

"Improving Intrusion Analysis Effectiveness" Rob Erbacher(Abstract)

"Information Visualization for Intrusion Detection Analysis: A Needs Assessment of Systems and Network Security Experts" John Goodall, Anita Komlodi, Wayne G. Lutters (PDF) (PPT)

"Item-based Visualization from Intrusion Detection" Penny Rheingans, Anita Komlodi, John Pinkston, Andrew Sears, and Jeff Undercoffer(Abstract)


"Learning Rules and Clusters for Network Anomaly Detection" Philip Chan, Matthew Mahoney & Muhammad Arshad(PDF) (PPT)

"A Multimodal Framework for Network Intrusion Analysis" Tanya Capers, Jumoke Ladeji-Osias, Kofi Nyarko, Damian Watkins, and Craig Scott(Abstract)

"Multi-site Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Correlation" Paul N. Krystosek(PDF)


"Packet Anomaly Intrusion Detection (PAID)" Constantine N. Manikopoulos and Zheng Zhang(PPT)

"Pyrite or Gold: It Takes More Than a Pick and Shovel" John McHugh(Abstract)


"Review of Information Visualization in Networking" Stefano Foresti and Jim Agutter(Abstract)

"Soft Computing Techniques for Intrusion Detection" Srinivas Mukkamala and Andrew H. Sung (Abstract)

"A Survey of Soft Computing Techniques in Cyber Security" Dipankar Dasgupta(Abstract)


"Towards Automating Intrusion Alert Analysis" Ping Neng, Yun Cui, Douglas S. Reeves, and Dingbang Xu (PDF) (PPT)

"User Profiling with Window Titles" Kristen Devault and Nicholas Tucey(Abstract)

"User Re-Authentication via Mouse Movements" Maja Pusara and Carla Brodley(Abstract)