Yi Xie

Yi Xie, Adele Cutler, Bart Weimer, and Andrejus Parfionovas (2003), Statistical Methods for Spot Detection with Macroarray Data, Computing Science and Statistics, 35, I2003Proceedings/CutlerAdele/CutlerAdele.paper.pdf

Statistical Methods for Spot Detection with Macroarray Data
Adele Cutler, (Utah State University), adele@math.usu.edu,
Andrejus Parfionovas, (Utah State University), andrej@cc.usu.edu,
Bart Weimer, (Utah State University), milkbugs@cc.usu.edu, and
Yi Xie, (Johns Hopkins University), yixie@cc.usu.edu


We describe a statistical method for detecting macroarray spots and extracting intensity information. The method can be used to approximate the true intensity in the presence of truncation of the data due to limitations in the dynamic range of the photographic film. The method is illustrated on experimental data, including some dilution experiments.

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