Julian Sorensen

Julian Sorensen, Peter Dickinson, and Martin Schubert (2003), Sensitivity of Graph Distance Measures, Computing Science and Statistics, 35, I2003Proceedings/SorensenJulian/SorensenJulian.paper.pdf

Sensitivity of Graph Distance Measures
Julian Sorensen, (Defence Science Technology Organization), Julian.Sorensen@dsto.defence.gov.au,
Peter Dickinson, (Defence Science Technology Organization), Peter.Dickinson@dsto.defence.gov.au, and
Martin Schubert, (Defence Science Technology Organization), Martin.Schubert@dsto.defence.gov.au


The performance management of computer networks is becoming increasingly important given the dynamic nature of traffic on these networks. There exists a number of graph similarity measures for network monitoring and abnormal change detection. It is necessary to quantify and compare the performance of these measures, against known types of abnormal network behaviour, to assess their suitability for use in a variety of network monitoring activities. We present a preliminary study of the performance of graph distance measures using simulated and real network traffic.

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