John Kornak

span style='font-family:Arial;color:black'> John Kornak, Noel Cressie, and John Gabrosek (2003), Spatial Statistics in the Presence of Location Error, Computing Science and Statistics, 35, I2003Proceedings/KornakJohn/KornakJohn.presentation.pdf ,

Spatial Statistics in the Presence of Location Error
John Kornak, (The Ohio State University),, and
Noel Cressie, (The Ohio State University),


Techniques for the analysis of spatial data have, to date, tended to ignore any effect caused by error in specifying the spatial locations at which measurements are recorded. Methodology for adjusting spatial inference in the presence of data-location error is presented for data that have a continuous spatial index (geostatistical data). New kriging equations are developed and evaluated based on a simulation study. They are also applied to remote-sensing data from the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer instrument on the Nimbus-7 satellite, where the location error is caused by assignment of the data to their nearest grid-cell centers. The remote-sensing data measure Total Column Ozone (TCO), which is important for protecting the earth's surface from ultraviolet and other radiation.

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