J. Michael Hardin

J. Michael Hardin, Michael Conerly, and Wade Watkins (2003), Traffic Safety Analysis: A Data Mining Approach, Computing Science and Statistics, 35, I2003Proceedings/ConerlyMichael/ConerlyMichael.paper.pdf

An Economic Index for Evaluating Traffic Safety
Michael Conerly, (University of Alabama), mconerly@cba.ua.edu,
J. Michael Hardin, (University of Alabama), mhardin@cba.ua.edu, and
Wade Watkins, Chunyao Feng, and Bo Hong, (University of Alabama), wwatkins@cba.ua.edu


Data analysis methodologies that assist in highlighting patterns of traffic safety offer policy and decision makers valuable tools for accomplishing their tasks of developing and recommending interventions to solve traffic safety problems. Using standard statistical procedures, this paper will develop an economic index useful for comparing the economic impact of traffic crashes in the 67 counties in Alabama. The index adjusts for various couunty and demographic factors such as population, area of county, proportion of teenage drivers in the county, etc. The data used was extracted from the accident database created by the state department of transportation. This methodology may be applied to other states and/or other geographic regions.

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