Abstract/Paper Submission For Interface 2002

Papers presented at Interface 2002 will fall into one of three classes: 1) Invited Papers, 2) Refereed Papers, and 3) Contributed Papers. Those wishing to have there work considered as refereed papers must submit the complete manuscript by February 1, 2002. Guidelines for manuscript preparation are available and should be followed for papers to be considered. Papers not selected as Refereed Papers can still be presented as Contributed Papers.

Those wishing to submit Contributed Papers should submit the abstract by March 1, 2002. Authors of Contributed Papers are expected to register for the symposium when submitting their abstract. Invited speakers are also requested to submit abstracts. Abstracts may be submitted in plain text files or on the appropriate forms. Abstracts or papers may be mailed to

Interface 2002
P.O. Box 7460
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-7460

or submitted via email to interface@galaxy.gmu.edu

Abstract Submission Form (MS Word Format) | Abstract Submission Form (Adobe pdf Format)