Table of Contents

Keynote Address

Risk Analysis in Geoscience and Remote Sensing
David Brillinger

Short Courses

Pattern Recognition
David Marchette and Jeffrey Solka

SiZer for Simple, Direct Inference in Exploratory Data Analysis
Steve Marron

KDD Featured Session: Data Mining

Challenges for Data Miners, Statisticians, and Clients Who Depend Upon and Fund Them
Arnold Goodman

Data Mining: Are We There Yet?
Herb Edelstein

Magical Thinking in Data Mining
Charles Elkan

Data Mining for the Development of Public Policy
Greg Ridgeway

Practical Challenges in the Collection, Processing, and Analysis of Geoscience Data

A New High-resolution Blended Real-time Global Sea Surface Temperature Analysis
Jean Thiebaux

Volume Closure: A Next Step in Validating Our Interpretation of Atmospheric Observations by Satellites?
Ralph Kahn

Creating a Data Mining Environment for Geoscience Data
Sara Graves

Best of the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

A Brief History of the Mosaic Display
Michael Friendly

Detecting Clusters and Nonlinearity in 3D Dynamic Graphs
John Fox, Robert Stine, Georges Monette, and Neeru Vohra

Collaborative Visualization Environments
Edward Wegman


Correlation of Gene Expression Levels with Clinical Covariates in Microarray Experiments
William Shannon, Mark Watson, Arie Perry, and Keith Rich

Assessing Gene Expression Measurement
Lidia Rejto

Some Recent Methods in Clustering Microarray Gene Expression Data and Applications
Kim-Anh Do and G McLachlan

Conditional Maps of Continuous Variables
Blair Christian and David Scott

Sequential Bayesian Gage R and R Studies: A Graphical Approach
David Andrews

Algorithm for Bayesian Inference about an Information Index of Fit for Categorical Data Analysis
Thomas Mazzuchi, Ehsan Soofi, Refik Soyer, and Joseph Retzer

Random Graphs for Statistical Pattern Recognition

Proximity Graphs for Nearest Neighbor Decision Rules: Recent Progress
Godfried Toussaint

Class Cover Variants and Spherical Classifiers: Improved Results for Some Not So Special Cases
Adam Cannon

Random Walks and Catch Digraphs in Classification
Jason DeVinney, Carey Priebe, David Marchette and Diego Socolinsky

Statistics in Planetary Science

Statistical Applications in Pattern Recognition in Planetary Images
Sanjay Limaye

Statistics on Venus: Craters and Catastrophes(?)
Steven Hauck

Best of the National Security Agency

Multiple Spike Train Data Analysis
Satish Iyengar

Exploiting the Waiting Time Paradox: Application of the Renewal Length Transformation
Mark Brown

From Kernals to Mixtures to Clusters
William Szewczyk and David Scott

Computer Science in Statistics

A PostgreSQL/R Architecture for a Cognitive Assessment System
James Harner, Jun Tan, Hengyi Xue, and Lingyi Zheng

Computer Systems That Learn: An Empirical Study of Noise on the Performance of Three Classification Methods
James Nolan

Comparing Bayesian Neural Network Models and Multilayer Perceptrons for Survival Analysis
Quoc-Anh Trinh, Thu Hoang, and Bernard Asselain

Interaction Graphs for Basket Data
J Horebeek and J Navarro-Barrientos

Empirical Spectral Analysis of Random Number Generators
David Zeitler, Joe McKean, and John Kapenga

On Scale Mixtures of Stable Distributions
Dhaif Al-Mutairi

KDD Featured Session: Massive Data Sets

Caching Statistics in Spatial Data Structures: Fast Real-time Massive Science Data Analysis
Andrew Moore

Empirical Bayes Methods for Massive Transaction Data Sets
William DuMouchel and Daryl Pregibon

Data Mining for Viral Marketing
Pedro Domingos


Supervised Learning from Very Large, High Dimensional Remote Sensing Data Sets
Mark Friedl and Carla Brodley

Ecosystem Forecasting
Joseph Coughlan, Ramakrishna Nemani, and Petr Votva

Joint Exploration of 3-D Global Atmospheric Models and Related Remote Sensing Data Products with Temporal Displacements of Several Days
G Emmitt and S Greco

Text Mining

The Quest for Automated Serendipity
Anna Tsao

Text Stream Transformation for Semantic-Based Clustering
Angel Martinez and Edward Wegman

Statistical Methods

Partial Regression
David Scott

Variable Subset Selection for Dimension Reduction
Dennis Cox, E Atkinson, Iouri Boiko, Calum MacAulay, Rebecca Richards-Kortum, and Michele Follen

The Gradient Statistic
George Terrell

Tree-Based Models for Fitting Stratified Linear Regression Models
William Shannon, Maciej Faifer, Michael Province, and D Rao

Bayesian Penalized Splines in Semi-Parametric Modeling
Naomi Altman

Boosting Multivariate Regression Trees
Stephen Sain and Patrick Carmack

Spatial Statistics (Invited)

Spatial-temporal Nonlinear Filtering in Command and Control (C2)
Mark Irwin

Statistical Analysis of fMRI Data
Keith Worsley

Parametric and Semiparametric Frailty Models for Spatio-Temporally Correlated Multivariate Survival Data
Bradley Carlin and Sudipto Banerjee

Statistics in Earth Science

Analysis of Intra-seasonal, Tropical Variability in TRMM Precipitation and Outgoing Longwave Radiation Data
Gerald North, Kenneth Bowman, and Hye-Kyung Cho

Reconstructing Precipitation Fields from the Historical Climate Record: Think Globally Act Locally
Doug Nychka

Satellite Sampling of Climate
Murry Salby

Naval Applications of Statistics and Computing

Assessing Uncertainty in Numerical Weather Prediction
Adrian Raftery, Montserrat Fuentes, Tilmann Gneiting, and Yulia Gel

Combining Classifiers Based on Kernal Density Estimates and Gaussian Mixtures
Edgar Acuna-Fernandez

Multifractal Modeling of Computer Network Traffic
Patricia Carter

Estimation and Prediction

Approximate Likelihood Procedures for the Boolean Models Using Linear Transects
John Handley

A Study on Prediction of Spatial Binomial Probabilities with an Application to Spatial Design
Hao Zhang and Holly Wang

Regularized Wavelet Estimation in Partially Linear Models
Leming Qu

Modeling, Computation and Spatial Applications

Spatial Modeling of Atmospheric Pollutants
Richard Smith, Petrutza Caragea, Stanislaw Kolenikov, and David Holland

Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Statistics via Monte Carlo Methods Implemented in a JavaSpaces Distributed Computer
Timothy Haas

Forecasting the Weather

The Origin and Modeling of Uncertainty in Numerical Weather Prediction
Peter Houtekamer

An Ensemble Kalman Filter for Estimation and Prediction of Severe Thunderstorms
Chris Snyder

Particle Filters, Covariance Localization and Numerical Weather Prediction
Thomas Bengtsson

Computational Statistics in the Army

An Exploitation of Tufte's Small Multiples
Carl Russell

Knowledge Based Engineering Assessment of C4SI Digitized Battlefield Experiments
Jock Grynovicki

Classification Trees in Army Applications
Barry Bodt

Computational and Graphical Statistics

Graphical Analysis of High-Dimensional Classifiers
Michael Minnotte and Adele Cutler

Local Generalized Linear Models as a Framework for Change Detection
Sandra Thompson, Don Daly, and Eileen Perry

k-Nearest Neighbor and Kernal-Based Credal Classifiers: Theory and Development
Mark Ducey

Fast and Stable Bootstrap Methods for Robust Estimates
Matias Salibian-Barrera

No Need to Talk to Strangers: Cooperation of Interactive Software with R as Moderator
Simon Urbanek

Computer Vision

Towards Prior Models for the Local Geometric Structures in Natural Images
Ann Lee

Parsing Images into Region and Curve Processes
Zhuowen Tu

Statistical Modeling and Conceptualization of Visual Patterns
Song Zhu

Time Series Applications in Seismology

Time-Frequency Clustering and Disciminant Analysis
Robert Shumway

Application of Regularized Discrimination Analysis to Regional Seismic Event Identification
Dale Anderson

Eigenpattern Analysis of Geophysical Data Sets- Applications to Southern California
K Tiampo, J Rundle, W Klein, and S McGinnis


Microarray Gene Expression Analysis: Data Transformation and Multiple-Comparison Bootstrapping
David Bickel

Subsampling-based Inference for the Parameter of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Alexander Gluhovsky and Dimitris Politis

Gaussian Mixture Discriminant Analysis and Sub-Pixel Land Cover Classification in Remote Sensing
Junchang Ju, Eric Kolaczyk, and Sucharita Gopal

Spatial Statistics (Contributed)

Estimating Map Accuracy Without a Spatially Representative Training Sample
David Patterson

Ensemble Generation for Large Incomplete Spatial Data Sets
Craig Johns

Estimating a Regression Parameter from Spatially Mismatched Data
Lisa Madsen

Two-step Algorithm for Spatial Sampling Design
Zhengyuan Zhu

Correction for Interferogram Asymmetry in Hyperspectral Signals
Mark Fitzgerald

Computer Security

Testing Intrusion Detection Systems: Issues Without Answers
John McHugh

Spatio-temporal Analysis of Internet Routing: Discovery of Global Routing Instabilities Due to Worm Attacks and Other Events
James Cowie and Andy Ogielski

Where Are the Nuggets in System Audit Data?
Wenke Lee

Distributed Data Systems for Earth Science

The ESIP Federation: Building a Distributed DAAC-to-Desktop Data and Information Stream
Howard Burrows

Distributed Web Mapping Tools for Resource Managers
Stanley Morain

TRMM Rain Rate Statistics
Long Chiu

Best of the International Association for Statistical Computing

Analyzing High Dimensional On-Line Monitoring Data
Ursula Gather

The PLS Approach to Generalised Linear Models and Causal Path Modeling: Algorithms and Applications
Vincenzo Esposito

Models for Three-dimensional Objects
Adrian Bowman, Mitchum Bock, and Shola Ajayi


Relationships Between Land Cover and Spatial Statistical Compression Capabilities in High-Resolution Imagery
James Shine and Daniel Carr

Multifractals and Resolution Dependence in Remote Sensing: The Example of Ocean Colour
Shaun Lovejoy, D Schertzer, and H Gaonac'h

Nonlinear Regression for Describing Glaciated Valley Profiles
Mark Greenwood and Neil Humphrey

Comparing Five Modeling Techniques for Mapping Forest Characteristics in the Interior Western US
Gretchen Moisen and Tracey Frescino

Modeling Sea Ice Concentrations With the Biased Voter Model
Theodoro Koulis

A Distributed Computing Approach for Remote Sensing Data
Gregg Petrie, G Fann, E Jurrus, B Moon, K Perrine, C Dippold, and D Jones

Graphics for Epidemiology and Health

Visualization Tools Used to Explore and Disseminate Cancer Statistics
Sue Bell, Linda Pickle, and Daniel Carr

Using Landsat Satellite Imagery for Estimating Agricultural Chemical Exposure in an Epidemiological Study
S Maxwell, J Nuckols, L Small, and M Ward

LandScan USA: A High Resolution Population Distribution Model
Budhendra Bhaduri, Edward Bright, and Phil Coleman

Modern Statistical Computing

Learning Treed Generalized Linear Models
Hugh Chipman

Shift and Scale Coupling Methods for Perfect Simulation
Jem Corcoran

Face Detection and Synthesis Using Markov Random Field Models
Sarat Dass

Data Visualization

Using Self-Similar Geometric Structures to Represent Letter-Sequence-Indexed Statistical Summaries from Gene Regulation and Peptide Docking Studies
Daniel Carr

New Applications of Image Grand Tour
Juergen Symanzik, Edward Wegman, and Amy Braverman

Visualization of Massive Volumetric Data Sets
Bradley Wallet, Robert Wentland, and Jawad Mokhtar

Data Mining

Novelty Detection in Mass Spectral Data Using Support Vector Machine Method
Christopher Tong and Vladimir Svetnik

Active Learning in Discrete Input Spaces
Jeff Schneider and Andrew Moore

Efficient Algorithms for Non-Parametric Clustering with Clutter
Weng-Keen Wong and Andrew Moore