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Information on the Content of this Volume - Authors in this volume were offered the opportunity not only to provide written articles, but also to provide supplementary materials including PowerPoint presentations, animations, color illustrations, software code, and data files. Many chose to do so; indeed, some authors provided PowerPoint presentations, but no written articles. For this reason, we have chosen to present materials in both an Adobe pdf format (master.pdf) and in a web-based html format (index.html). These files may be found in the root directory of the CD. The master.pdf file is a "book image" file, i.e. is the electronic form of the traditional book. Within the master.pdf file, if the author(s) provided no article, only the abstract is given. If a PowerPoint presentation was provided, we have provided a link to the PowerPoint presentation within the master.pdf file. Some presenters chose not to provide any material for the Proceedings. In those cases, their abstracts appear in the master.pdf file and in the original website only.

About Adobe pdf Files - In general, Adobe pdf files may be supplied with embedded fonts or as bit-mapped images. Generally speaking, articles that were supplied to the editors as postscript files, especially those edited on Unix machines, are produced as bit-mapped pdf files, while those originating on Windows/Intel machines with scalable fonts are produced as pdf files with embedded fonts. The bit-mapped pdf files have poorer screen resolution, but are essentially indistinguishable from pdfs with embedded fonts in high-resolution printed versions. Please also note that, because of limitations in Adobe Acrobat, it is not possible to add page numbers after individual postscript or pdf files have been produced. Thus although page numbers are assigned to individual articles in the table of contents, the page numbers do not appear on the individual articles.

Please note that the pdf files in this volume were produced with Adobe Acrobat 4.0. Earlier versions of Acrobat Reader may not be able to read the pdf files produced with Adobe Acrobat 4.0. A copy of the install software for Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows may be found on this CD as file ar405eng.exe. If you are using a different operating system, you may log in directly to the Adobe website to obtain a current version of Acrobat Reader for your operating system.

Navigating this CD - Some authors provided additional materials that were not linkable within the Adobe pdf framework. For this reason and in order to provide more direct access to individual files, we have provided access through a web browser. This CD provides not only the book image master.pdf file, but also individual files provided by the authors. These are accessible through the index.html file. The reader may link to individual articles either through the Author Index or through the Table of Contents.

Using the features of web browsers can greatly assist in navigating this volume. For example, using the browser's FIND tool in the Table of Contents allows one to search for either keywords or authors. In the Author Index, authors are arranged alphabetically by last name. Authors who supplied no additional materials other than the original abstract have no links. Their abstracts are available on the original website. This volume contains the entire contents of the original website, which is linked through the index.html file.

Citation Format for Articles in this Volume - This volume is presented on a compact disc, but contains in an electronic file (master.pdf) the image of the printed volume. For those interested in hard copy, printing master.pdf on a duplex color laser printer will result a paper copy of the volume, which may be bound. Because of this, citations from this volume may be given in a traditional manner. Examples are given below.

Solka, J. L., Marchette, D. L., and Wallet, B. (2000), "Statistical visualization methods for intrusion detection," Computing Science and Statistics, 32, 16-24.

If more details are required, the editors and publishers may be added.

Solka, J. L., Marchette, D. L., and Wallet, B. (2000), "Statistical visualization methods for intrusion detection," in Computing Science and Statistics, 32, 16-24, (E. Wegman and Y. Martinez, eds.), Interface Foundation of North America, Inc., Fairfax Station, VA.

Page numbers are the traditional means of uniquely locating an article within a paper volume. For an electronic volume, the directory structure uniquely locates an article within the electronic volume. Therefore, an alternative citation may be given by giving the appropriate directory location for the article. An example is given below.

Solka, J. L., Marchette, D. L., and Wallet, B. (2000), "Statistical visualization methods for intrusion detection," Computing Science and Statistics, 32, /Proceedings2000/JSolka/Jsolka.pdf.

General Notices - The papers, discussions, and related materials in this volume are reproduced exactly as received from the authors. This issue contains the Proceedings of the 32nd Symposium on the Interface and the materials contained in this volume are presumed to be essentially as given at the 32nd Symposium on the Interface. The papers have been reviewed by the editors for appropriateness of content, but have not been formally refereed. The editors or publisher make no claims as to the originality or accuracy of their contents.

The Interface Foundation of North America, Inc. does not copyright this periodical volume although their authors may copyright individual items. If no copyright is given, it is presumed that the author(s) have not copyrighted their material and that you may freely copy the contents from this volume provided only that you cite the source. Publication in this volume does not preclude authors from submitting articles to other publications elsewhere.

This volume is published by the Interface Foundation of North America, Inc., 9748 Thorn Bush Drive, Fairfax Station, VA 22039, USA.

ISBN 1-886658-06-4
Produced in the U.S.A. (2000)

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